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Our Story

Since 1880 Gills have upheld the highest standards of craft butchery.


Since Gills was founded over 130 years ago, our mission stays the same: "Get more British Pork, onto more British forks!" 

We are passionate about quality, and thats why we pride ourselves on using only Farm assured - British red tractor pigs. 


Unlike many meat production companies - Gills control the entire supply chain, from the farm gate to your dinner plate.

We source from local farmers, to ensure that everything we produce is as fresh as possible.

Still very much a local company, it's continued growth and success owes much to the dedicated local staff and the tried and trusted principles that were the foundation of the company in 1880.


Later in the 1970’s, the company began to expand it's distribution beyond Wolverhampton with an open wholesale market for local butchers & traders.